Luxory travel at low cost prices - the fashion of the moment!


Despite the economic recovery struggling to be alive and leading in our country, a sector that is not in the least in decline is that of “luxury trips". In fact the perception that the "travel"Is a personal investment is strong, so if you are not willing to live a 360 ° experience, by not skimping on anything, it is better to stay at home and set aside that nest egg for other expenses.

The travel is synonymous with adventure & relaxation, a perfect remedy for stress. The tourism sector dedicated to "luxury"Has always been vital, as shown by the VIPs who never miss a chance to post on their social channels (link) photos and videos of their holidays at <5 stars>.

vacanza 5 stelle

The necessity of offer dream packages even to families and individuals, whose purchasing capacity has steadily declined, is a goal that is also being addressed by the BIT (International Tourism Exchange), for which it is always easier to find packages dream vacation at prices (all in all) accessible.

The holidays hit and run (max 4 days) are the most popular, after all it is easy to find an offer "all inclusive"For some European capital, but the real deal is to offer"luxory holidays"At prices"low cost“.

Online There are dozens of sites that offer these opportunities (link): even the big ones exotic structures need to be sstill operational to cope with management costs and that is why in periods of less crowded it becomes necessary to fill the facilities with attractive offers.

albergo extra lusso

However, how many of you would choose This possibility? Would you really trust it? No problem when it comes to booking a flight, but it is different to organize one 10 day holiday: with the increase in the amount of investment also increase risk of fraud.

Non si tratta solo di programmare spostamenti, hotel ed escursioni ma di avere a disposizione un <all inclusive package> but, above all, a manager who is a our provision at any time, especially by telephone.

In this sense the travel agencies they are always the best solution, but not all of them cooperate with large companies tour operator able to offer super offers everyday. An agency that we can recommend is the "Lizard Travel" from Bari (link).

Oltre a essere molto attiva sui social network, by publishing dozens of offers per week, it is always at your disposal by phone, by mail or directly at the office.

lizard travel

Alternatively, if you really don't want to move from home sofa, you can book the your vacation in total safety and relaxation also through the web, with the very practical portal available h24 (link).

You only have to choose the destination, the budget and the vacation period; later it will be Lizard Travel to make you travel in total security but above all, thinking of each minimum detail.


And what do you think? You need one extra luxury vacation?

Let us know, at the next blog article!


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