Vouge Gioiello, il maestro Vito Gurrado presenta “Rebus Collection”


Prestige, Art and Elegance they gave birth to "Rebus Collection", collection of wearable microsculptures characterized by the unmistakable design of Vito Gurrado, composed of the rings "Cheops“, “Nibiru" is "Shalom“, Produced entirely in Italy through the ancient and skilful technique of the lost wax casting in 925 silver.

Result of careful study and careful processing, these creations inspired by the mysteries of the universe and of life have been presented on Vogue Gioiello (link), attracting the interest of thousands of visitors from all over the world in a short time.

Vito Gurrado - Rebus Collection

The promotional campaign of the "Rebus Collection”Combines the unique vision of Vito Gurrado to the extraordinary professionalism of the Staff Mimì Colonna (who dealt specifically with thehairstyle he was born in make-up); photography is studied and realized by Fabio Ingegno (exclusive partner of Mimì Colonna and creator of several fashion collections).

A heartfelt (and due) thanks goes to the "Top Fashion Model" of Carmen Martorana, who selected Roxana Rodriguex Rovira, Oriana Maria De Luca and Lusinda Campanelli, considering them the best to embody the characters of the three jewels.




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