Zara Larsson - Sweden has a new pop icon!


His name probably won't tell you much yet Zara Larsson can be called a safe world star in the world of music with almost 6 million fans on Instagram (link). His voice is the additional element of the song "Symphony”Gods Clean Bandit which has depopulated all the radios in the world reaching more than 800 million views on Youtube (link) and surely you too will have sung in the shower, on the beach or while driving.

Zara (born 1997) is a model, singer, choreographer, dancer (she studied dance for several years at the Royal Swedish Ballet School) and Swedish author, winner at just 10 years of age, of TV talent show Talang Sverige (Swedish version of Italia's Got Talent) which can boast, despite its young age, collaborations with international artists of the caliber of David Guetta is Sean Paul.

Beautiful, blonde, glacial eyes and so much talent to sell, Lara it is undoubtedly the emerging artist who is doing more talking about himself at the moment. His album "So Good" is already Gold Record in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and platinum record in Norway and Sweden.

At the beginning of 2019 Lara also activated a collaboration with Fedez (link) passing in the first week of publication of the single “Holding out for You"More than 1 million views. Its platinum blonde, sometimes tending to white, is certainly its trademark that does not go unnoticed.

The elegance of his appearances on the "red carpet"Made her become a model of inspiration for many fans who see her in a very short time fresh and youthful look an example to follow and copy in all circumstances.

His performances "live"Are always appreciated by the public, like the one at the festival Lollapalooza of 2017 (link) where together with an impeccable singing performance, an exhilarating improvised ballet and a simple but designer summer look Tommy Hilfiger, attracted public and newspaper attention.

And what do you think? Find the look, the energy and the determination of Zara Larsson contagious?


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