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We are in Via Paolo Lembo 3 / 3a – Bari (Nearby Policlinico)

Orario 2018

(from Monday 1 Gennaio a Domenica 17 June & from Monday 3 Settembre a Lunedì 31 December)

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: 9.00 – 19.00 (lunch break);
Friday and Saturday: from 9.00 to 20.00 (lunch break);
Sunday & Closed Mondays.

(from Monday 18 Giugno a Sabato 1 September)

Monday: 16.00 – 20.00;
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: 9.00 – 13.00 and by 16.00 to 19.00;
Friday: from 9.00 to 20.00 (lunch break);
Saturday: from 9.00 to 13.00;
Sunday: closed.
NB: il salone riceve su appuntamento


Richieste oltre l’orario di apertura al pubblico, in giornate non lavorative e/o esterne al salone potranno essere concordate con la direzione.


Chiusi per ferie: da Domenica 12 Sunday 19 August, We resume activity Monday 20 August.


Aperture/Chiusure straordinarie 2018

  • Saturday 8 December: Chiusi
  • Monday 10 December: Aperti (from 10.00 to 18.00 a lunch break)
  • Sunday 23 December: Aperti (from 10.00 to 18.00 a lunch break)
  • Monday 24 December: Aperti (from 7.30 to 16.00 a lunch break)
  • Tuesday 25 & Wednesday 26 December: Chiusi
  • Sunday 30 December: Aperti (from 10.00 to 18.00 a lunch break)
  • Monday 31 December: Aperti (from 8.00 to 17.00 a lunch break)

Chiusi per ferie: da Domenica 12 Sunday 19 August 2018, We resume activity Monday 20 August.


Phone numbers – email

  • +39 080 – 556 33 13 (only for appointments, communications and information of a general nature)
  • +39 334 – 501 58 33 (only for communication with trade, franchising e corsi di formazione)
  • (solo per richieste di preventivi di franchising o comunicazioni commerciali ufficiali)



Essendo attivo il servizio su appuntamento è vivamente consigliato prenotare chiamando in sede al 080.5563313 o al 334.5015833 in maniera tale da potervi garantire il servizio.

Richieste oltre l’orario di apertura al pubblico, in giornate non lavorative e/o esterne al salone potranno essere concordate con la direzione.

Additional services

    • wi-fi
    • coffee break
    • hair analysis with micro
    • technical consultancy
    • tablet android wi-fi
    • free parking (50mt c / o Autosilo SILOPARK in via Devitofrancesco n22 corner via Lembo)
    • combed the day after
    • ricarica iphone/smartphone/tablet

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Your salon is only female?

Our services are unisex

Work by appointment?

Lavoriamo principalmente su appuntamento perciò è fortemente consigliabile informarci (telefonicamente) sul lavoro da svolgere in maniera tale da organizzare il lavoro, ridurre i tempi di attesa e garantire il servizio richiesto.

When there is Mimi?

Mimi is often involved in fashion events, seminars and advertising campaigns for this is strongly advised us in the lounge and ask for an appointment so that we can ensure the service.

What is the opening hours of the show?

Times of Solon may change depending on the session Winter or Summer (for more info visit or contact us in the section times)

During the year it is also possible openings and / or closings extraordinary, why we invite you to always make an appointment before presenting in hall, to be sure to be able to guarantee service in any case our communication will provide timely alerts to paper-based (within the home), Verbal (through our staff) or via web (always available 24 hours a day).



All employees are always present in living room?

Having different sectors in which we are engaged (salon, schools, seminars fashion, ecc...) you must rotations times presence of stylistic and technical managers, however it is always expected the presence of a director in the living room in order to ensure the supervision of the work.



Until now accepted customers?

For technical work (es. color, streaks, ironing, etc.) time of acceptance is up at 18.00, for all other services is up at 19.00 based on operator availability. We remind you that it is always advised us in the book in order to guarantee service, per richieste esterne all'orario di apertura al pubblico ci riserviamo la facoltà di eseguire il salone con un eventuale sovrapprezzo.  

Are you open on Monday and Sunday?

La Domenica è il nostro giorni di chiusura settimanale, However, in the Summer session hall fulfills one afternoon opening Monday. However for requests at times other than those of opening we recommend our service "home" così da garantirvi sempre la qualità dei servizi "Mimi Column" ogni volta che necessitate, you can just call us at the time and reserve service with an operator, tali servizi potrebbero avere un costo maggiorato rispetto al listino.  

Do you have special openings?

At various times of the year there are special openings, which will be communicated forthwith in the living room, on the website and on our social networks

Are you open for lunch?

Il salone rispetta una sessione di apertura continuata, in base al periodo dell'anno (invernale/estivo) tale apertura può subire delle modifiche, per maggiori informazioni vi invitiamo a contattarci in sede o a visitare la sessione "Hours". In tutti gli altri casi o per esigenze particolari è possibile richiedere il nostro servizio "home" reserving an operator simply by calling us at home (tale servizio potrebbe comportare un costo aggiuntivo).      

Can you tell me the cost of your services?

It 's always better to go to the salon for a more detailed quote, however it is searchable sectionservice For information on our price list

You 'can pay by credit card or debit card?

We accept all circuits except "American Express"

Only Mimi performs cutting?

Other employees can perform the cutting service

The service includes bending thing?

The service includes specific shampoo fold, specific treatment and finish. Ulteriori trattamenti di styling potrebbero avere un costo aggiuntivo che ogni operatore indicherà prima di eseguirli.  

If I run more technical work combined you can get a discount?

For technical work combined a reduction is applied between the 15% and the 20% compared to the list price (non-commutable with other promotions)  

Carry out works / services at home

And 'possible to request a personalized home, in this case the cost will depend on the day of the week, time and place required

What aesthetic services provided?

All those present in our menu service  

Provide special services for wedding packages?

The proposals can be found in the wedding section service, it is strongly recommended to reserve the date of the marriage as soon as possible to ensure availability in the days and times chosen

Do you offer aesthetic make-up and Make up?

And 'possible to request such services in the salon by appointment

What products do you use?

Siamo stilisti e al tempo stesso un salone “Z.One Concept" Ufficiale, perciò tutti i nostri prodotti sono marchiati "Z.One Concept". Tuttavia per esigenze lavorative è possibile usufruire di prodotti curativi “hair care" con composti naturali (es. Macadamia & Wella ecc..) e styling gloss Cloud Nine C9, GHD e Paul Mitchell.  

Use hypoallergenic products?

Tutti i nostri prodotti (hair, body e make-up) rispettano i più alti standard di prevenzioni reazioni allergiche, However, for particular categories of persons is totally natural treatments are also available, consigliati per soggetti estremamente sensibili o donne in gravidanza, in questo caso vi invitiamo a richiedere il servizio in maniera preventiva durante la consulenza.  

E 'can use in your own salon products?

If a person were to have special needs due to allergies or prescriptions you can use our alternative products

Dove Network?

We are in Via Paolo Lembo 3-3A in Bari (Nearby Policlinico).