Summer hair trends - Pastel color fashions


Pastel locks and plain colors, easy to have and absolutely trendy ... Styled hair or (literally "mermaid hair" or "pastel hair") are the colors that are taking over not only in make-up and clothing but also in hair styling.

Un trend che sta conquistando tutte, modelle, attrici, cantanti, blogger e persone normalissime con un pizzico di “pazzia” che le porta a trasformare radicalmente il proprio look.

Dal rosa al lilla, dall’azzurro all’arancione, al verde, tutte le sfumature possibili le troviamo sulle teste che hanno deciso di osare. Un effetto sicuramente bellissimo, adatto a chi ha una forte personalità e chi non ha paura di sfoggiare una chioma da sirenetta.

With the arrival of summer, it's time to refresh your look.

A madness It would be noteworthy to cut the hair to a length never worn before or to request a cut cut over the shoulders. But for those who want to impress even more and have personality to sell a color change is definitely recommended.

Today with the use of semi-permanent colors it is possible to choose each nuance possible with the possibility of being able to go back at any time as they are temporary colors (they go away after a few rinses) and if the final effect is the desired one you could also achieve it in a more lasting way by coloring or bleaching the hair.

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