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We all, but everyone, use the Emoji (technical term is emoticon) now become a real one virtual language! Other than English, Spanish or Chinese, the funny faces which simulate a grimace of the face (but not only) are the most widely spoken and spoken language, a real one universal language. By Mary Littlebells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


If you have no words to say one thing, use a smiley face!


From kids to adults all use it for to communicate something, for strengthen a thought or even simply for a greeting. But from how (and where) are born Emoji? Who invented them? And why?

Many have tried to win the primacy of "Inventor of emoticons" (emotional icons). Actually the Emoji they are gods pictographic symbols, which became popular in Japan in the late 1990s. The first Emoji was created between 1998 and 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, a member of the team working on a mobile web platform.

emoji più utilizzate

The first complete set of Emoji instead it was created to facilitate electronic communication. Doing so with a simple one graphic icon fu reso subito comprensibile lo “status di stress o emozione” dei programmatori intenti nel loro lavoro.

This instant message shortened the communication time between engineers, allowing them to talk to each other without using automatic translators, which were not as intuitive as they are now.

However, in 1997 Nicolas Loufrani note the increasing use of emoticons in the field of mobile technology and began experimenting with animated and colored smilies even in the field of virtual communication, creating a real alternative keyboard made only of Emoji.

emoji keybord

In reality there are many stories about how and who invented and used these virtual faces for the first time, there are even those who say that the first to use the emoticons he was none other than the American president  Abraham Lincoln.

It seems that the president made use of a smiley face in a 1682 speech (as you can see below). Curiosity aside, the question is legitimate: .


Over the past thirty years emoticons they spread like wildfire until they became indispensable nowadays for the virtual communication. There is no discourse through sms, in the messages of Whatsapp and in the chat in which they are not inserted, they are now one integral part of our daily way of communicating.


And how much do you use these beloved faces?

What is your favorite emoji?

 Greetings from your Mary Littlebells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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