Is this the secret of Kate Moss's success?


Like every week, here we are at a new installment of the column (edited exclusively for the blog of Mimì Colonna), called "The secret of success"Where I analyze the stories of VIPs to tell you about curiosities, anecdotes and secrets. Today we will talk about the beautiful Kate Moss, supermodel, stylist is interior drawer British defined "lady scandal"For its ease of being a protagonist on the magazines of the sector. By Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

Kate Moss was born in Croydon a small town a few kilometers from London on 16 January 1974 and at the age of 14 he was immediately noticed and discovered by Sarah Doukas, the founder of the fashion agency "Storm Model Management"Who sees in that little girl an angelic face and a magnetic gaze that makes anyone who looks at her go crazy, a bet that is fully won.

Kate Moss adolescente

Kate it does not fall in any way in the canons of beauty of the period (90 years) in fact it is relatively low, and decidedly thin. But despite these his "defects”He showed with virtually all the biggest brands in the fashion: Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Versace and many others.

His style as well as his "independent woman"Will make it the perfect icon to embody the generation"grunge"Inclined by nature to the scandals and an attitude anti-conformist.

L’esempio più eclatante di ciò è dato dalla campagna pubblicitaria del profumo Obsession of Calvin Klein of 1995, in which the Moss appeared seminude, an advertisement that sparked enormous controversy and that after just three weeks from launch it was withdrawn, making it aimmortal icon.

Kate Moss Obsession

The scandals seem to be the lifeblood for the popularity of the beautiful British model and so on 15 September 2005 the British magazine "Daily Mirror"He publishes on the front page, and with an ample report, some photographs that depict them Kate Moss, together with the companion Pete Doherty (leader of the band Babyshambles), during an alleged (?) consumption of cocaine, such a scandal would have scuppered anyone but the beauty Kate it came out (also from the report) admirably and increased even more its following, its popularity and its cachet.

Kate Moss Cocaina

Its popularity reached a peak so high in 2007 that it was contacted by the chain of stores Topshop per disegnare una collezione da lanciare col suo nome.

Tale collezione venne presentata proponendo in vetrina la modella confusa tra i vari manichini, provocando lo stupore di tutti i clienti dello store. La cifra sborsata è ufficialmente top secret ma si vocifera nell’ambiente che questa trovata pubblicitaria abbia fruttato a Kate Moss over 3 million dollars.


In 2013 she was chosen as the testimonial of the autumn / winter campaign of Versace and is named by Forbes the fourth highest paid model in the world with a profit of about 5.7 million dollars. Repeating the following year (2014), with gains of around 7 million dollars.

Despite these numerous scandals, Kate Moss was and still is a model for many girls. It is described as icon of fashion and muse inspiring thanks to its beauty. For this reason it was chosen along with other stars of the "red carpet"To appear (with a small role) in the film to be released in 2016 Zoolander 2 with protagonists Ben Stiller is Owen Wilson in the role of two super models in order to save the world of fashion (and not only).



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