Life at the time of Social Networks


by "Frank R." Morga (Facebook - Web - Blog).

The Social Networks have changed the way we live our everyday life, from whatever point of view you look at it.


It seems a sentence made, a nonsense nonsense, but the truth is this: with the spread of the Social we have entered a new version of reality, what I call reality 2.0!

From Facebook to Twitter, from Youtube to Instagram, i Social Network sono divenuti strumenti imprescindibili non solo per la gestione della nostra vita sociale ma anche per quella di attività produttive, organizzative, professionali.

Tutto, ormai, passa attraverso il web, the very image that others have of us is now filtered by the number of "I like it”, From the quality of ours photo, give her shares and from views.


(news note the shots in this article are taken from the Shooting "Secret In The Garden" by Mimì Colonna c / o Terranobile Metaresort from Pietro Defrenza)


If this, however, can be seen as complete lack of genuineness and naturalness, soprattutto nei rapporti personali, da una prospettiva meno frivola si è rivelato un notevole passo in avanti.

Provate a pensarci: attraverso i Social Network it is possible to reach anyone in the shortest possible time, to express opinions (more or less) without censorship, to express one's liking and to demonstrate the quality of one's products or one's work without intermediation.


segreti in rete


Directly from the producer to the consumer, so should reality 2.0: without filters, beyond the useless logic that limits us and that transforms us into what we are not.


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