Milan Fashion Week: September 2015


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There Milan Fashion Week closes with the parade of Trussardi in the beautiful Serbelloni Palace in Corso Venezia. In the presentation of the clothes the Maison of the Greyhound he chose a comfortable style focusing on very large items, not by chance Gaia Trussardi states that: his intent is to make a outfits something in which a person feels at ease and lightness is one of the most common themes and reiterates that this is one of the best qualities of contemporary style. Trussardi brought saffron yellow and burgundy to the catwalks, dust coats up to the ankle and on the clothes abstract symbols printed on silk, tulle and cotton.


Milano Fashion Week Trussardi

Italy Is Love! ”... so the collection of was named Dolce & Gabbana which was held on Sunday, Italia è amore, which presented an Italian postcard with 90 different types of looks. The two designers often used as a reference point the Sicily, the homeland of Domenico Dolce. Their previous show was based on tight black lace dresses but this time it was different as they wanted to represent all of Italy.


Milano Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana


The place where the parade took place was covered like a real Italian road, with white and red awnings and greengrocers. There were lemons everywhere embroidered on the clothes and also used as earrings. Decorations on bags and dresses have celebrated major tourist destinations in the country such as Sanremo, Capri, Amalfi, Taormina, but also universally known monuments such as the David by Michelangelo, the Coliseum of Rome, le Gondolas of Venice and many others.

In the world of fashion we must attract the attention and the idea of the "Selfie Show"It was great, in fact during the fashion show the models on the catwalk stopped, they posed and took pictures selfies, the photos were then immediately shared on very large screens Dolce & Gabbana Metropol and this really amused the spectators.


Milano Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana Selfie

Giorgio Armani instead in his collection he plays a lot with the tones of powder pink, gray, black and the various shades of red for ribbed jackets, shorts and evening dresses. The designer mixed textures and played with veils to create layers, transparent skirts and dresses were worn over shorts and trousers that add the final touch.


Milano Fashion Week Armani Show


Armani, nicknamed "King George", Is known to be hands-on in creating one of the most recognized fashion brands in the world. On the catwalk her models paraded in soft jackets, paired with loose trousers, chiffon dresses and accessories with wedge sandals and large wavy hats.


Milano Fashion Week Armani


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