Notte Bianca Via Lembo (Bari)


Friday 18 December 2015 Via Paolo Lembo will dress up for the Notte Bianca organized by local merchants!


Starting at 6pm and until midnight different attractions will be available for residents and all the curious that will pass, are provided thanks to the closure to traffic of the road:  


1) promotional sales of local merchants;

2) live performances by street artists and jugglers;

3) live performances by musicians and DJ sets;

4) street entertainment for children.  



On this particular occasion the Mimì Colonna Hairdresser will propose a "live event"


In addition to performing casting for models interested in entering the world of fashion and collaborating with our next collections, there is also a "live shooting", models on display and (for the occasion) the possibility of purchasing our services with an exceptional discount:


1) Cut + fold + polish (to brighten up your own color or reflections) instead of € 50 alone 35€, that is 30% discount on the price list;

2) Milk Shake hair reconstruction (based on milk protein & yogurt) instead of € 20 for just 15, that is 25% discount on the price list;

3) All 300 ml Milkshake resale shampoos instead of € 15 alone 10€, that is 33% discount on the price list.  


We are waiting for you on Friday 18th December!


At 9.00 pm the event begins fashion Mimì Colonna and if there is rain our salon will be your shelter ... you can't miss it!


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