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THE'hairstyle for a woman it is a distinctive sign, capable of expressing her externally personality and all his sensuality. Often a neat look is the key to success, because our image depends 70% on itself our hair.

Choose a <hair look> different it attracts attention and is suitable for all those who like to surprise those around them. Even if you're not a dive by <red carpet> you can show off an elegant look, both in a way than by relying on your trusted hair-stylist (link) that will surely advise you for the event that awaits you.


The elegance of your hair has a name: Mimì Colonna!


This is our very personal "Top 5" of the women's hairstyles to recommend, every look has a meaning, a scenario and a target audience, discover with us the best look for your hair.


- Chignon:

If thehairstyle if it had a name it would surely be this, elegance is a universal sign that knows no cultural, language or geographical barriers. Who chooses it chignon it does so to harmonize the forms, it is adapting to every woman who wishes to be elegant and sensual at the same time because, even if the neck remains uncovered (synonymous with vanity), the style that tells of you is based on sobriety.


- Braid:

Those who prefer a fresh, adolescent and neat look cannot do without this style of hairstyles. There Braid it is a distinctive element above all of the North European culture (Scandinavia and the Baltic countries) as it is simple to make, refined, sensual and is the perfect demonstration of skill as each braid hairstyle (single, double or multiple sections) is suitable for all occasions: from an elegant evening to a fitness look.


- Collected:

You want to highlight yours hair long but at the same time do you want to be in perfect order? Then thehairstyle "To harvest" is to your thing, in fact through the elastics and a little bit of cotton you can create an elegant and always sensual hairstyle from nothing, in fact since the collected plans to bring the hair on one side of the neck, leaving the other and free, it is suitable for all from very young to more mature women.


- Waves:

- If your look is inspirational "Vintage" then thehairstyle wave is the monster , in fact taking up the style of 50s cinema stars this look is suitable for a theme party, an institutional evening or simply an outing with friends. With a hairstyle to waves you will not go unnoticed and you will have all the charm of a diva of the in style femme fatale.


- Ponytail:

Are you young, with long hair and do you love a fresh look, comfortable and simple to make (even by yourself)? Then the ponytail is for you. Suitable for all occasions, from a day at the gym to a gallant ride, the tail it is always synonymous with sensuality because, like it chigon and the collected, leaves the erogenous zones par excellence (ie neck and lobes). From the movie stars to the girls next door, the "ponytail"Always represents a tidy look in harmony with the energy and freedom you demonstrate.


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