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Everything started from a post on the Official Facebook page of Mimì Colonna in which we asked you if you would have liked a column in retro style and considering that many of you answered, we thought of this new format: "Amarcord programs"Where we will deal with the history and evolution of the protagonists of the programs TV past that have left a mark on our lives. A sentimental memory that will take everyone back in time. By Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).

In fact, we of the 80s generation can boast of having lived in a period where i show they were real cult! There is one in particular where convertible cars, Harley Davidson, villas with swimming pool and many (but many) parties, they were a must! The telefilm that in absolute terms marked an epoch in our afternoons in front of the TV… I'm talking about:


Beverly Hills 90210!


It was 1992 and for the first time the Italian was on the screen TV series which made boys and girls from all over the world dream. The success was immediately assured from the story based on the life of a group of young friends of Los Angeles: Brenda, Kelly, Brendon, Dylan, Donna, David, Steve and Andrea. The title took its name from the postal code of Beverly Hills: 90210.

Beverly Hills 90210 began with the story of the twin brothers Brenda is Brendon Walsh that, moved with the family from Minneapolis, resumed their lives in a completely new environment. From there loves, friendships and rivalry.

For ten years, from 1990 to 2000, the stories of this group of Californian boys have left their mark, influencing the fashion and the habits of young people from all over the world.


Today, after more than 20 years, what happened to them?


All they have marked our adolescence in one way or another, but I will not tell you about each of them, but only those who emotional level they have involved me (and I also imagine) because their stories can easily be compared (with due proportions) to ours.


The first character is certainly that of Brenda (alisa Shannen Doherty, 43 years old), tender and clumsy in the series but sour and diva in reality (according to the statements of the set). After Beverly Hills we saw it in the TV series Witches (where his temper seems to have not helped her much in the world of TV series).

Since 2006 he has undertaken the career of TV host of a reality to then participate in the American edition of Dancing with the Stars. In 2010 he publishes his autobiography which will be much criticized because of its "quite direct" way of writing.

Brenda - Shannen Doherty

Luke Perry (beautiful and damned in the series) today is 50 years old, but they all remember him in the TV series as Dylan McKay (the Don Giovanni for excellence). He continued his acting career by starring in several TV series such as Oz, Things I Love About You ,Will & Grace is Jeremiah. He has worked a lot for the cinema and also for many films on TV both as an actor and as a voice actor.

Dylan - Luke Perry

Jennie Garth, 42, who played in the TV series Kelly (the beautiful blonde from the school), she was the protagonist of the show The things I love about you. Over the years he has participated in many TV movies and played several small roles also in the cinema.

In 2007 he participated in the program Dancing With The Stars and in 2012 in America a reality about his life: Jennie Garth, a little bit county.

Kelly - Jennie Garth

Jason Bradford Priestley, 45, after the experience of Beverly Hills, in which he interpreted Brendon Walsh (Brenda's twin), he participated in several movie is TV series such as True Calling, Things I Love About You is Medium.

There his passion for cars he took him in 2002 to the victim of a dangerous accident where he risked losing the use of his legs but after several interventions and several months of physiotherapy he returned to health. He is currently the protagonist of two TV series: Call Me Fitz & Haven.

Brandon - Jason Bradford Priestley


And what do you think? How many memories come to mind?

See you on the next episode! Greetings from your Mary Littlebells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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