Short hair and hairstyle can co-exist?


You thought the short cut was it comfortable but totally unmanageable and impossible to transform into a hairstyle? Then you were wrong, because even with a "bob" your sensuality will remain the same.

The choice of a look is always dictated by various factors: personal tastes, tips, fashions of the moment ... But one of the fundamental elements that you must always keep in mind is the harmony of the cut with your face and appearance. Do you believe it is an abstract concept? Very wrong, everything is geometry and even the cut (performed freehand, in freestyle, in English or in segments) follows these rules, we advise you to read our fashion tips on the right cut for your visa (link) but if you are convinced that the short cut is what suits you right now then it is right to dispel any doubts.

Usually when a woman changes her haircut or color this is symptomatic of a revolution within her life (sentimental, working or life changing). It can often be a traumatic event that pushes towards this choice (a disease) or a simple awareness (otherwise you don't know how to see yourself). Anyway whatever the reason that drives you a factor is common ... the discontinuity with the past.


Short hair and hairstyle can co-exist?


Another myth to debunk is that with a short hair (bob, fringe, bob or shaved) is impossible to combine with a hairstyle required for an elegant look (party, wedding or institutional dinner).

An expert hairstylist will surely find a suitable solution for your look, after all the element that distinguishes a professional hair is his inventiveness because, as Mimì Colonna says, inspiration is manifested in shapes and colorsvideo).


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