Long Bob vs Collarbone - What is the cut for you?


You probably all know that the cut "bobsleighThat is, the English style (of the early 1960s) with which women desired i short hair at ear height. Today it is always a common choice but 50 years ago it was synonymous with nonconformity is Revolution, a clear gesture of female emancipation.

The master of this style is beyond doubt Vidal Sassoon, the man who transformed art (do the hairdresser) in a business worldwide (academies, training centers, product lines and franchise stores).

Over the years this style it has evolved more and more by abandoning its character transgressive and conforming to the "dress code"70s with its less provocative variant: the"long bob". After all, every look evolves over the years and, from being a clear sign of social distinction, has become one feminine style increasingly in demand.

Indeed the "medium cut“, So to speak at shoulder height and slightly scaled, is the measure that unites all women. But the fashion you know ... it's a cyclical world so many times the styles come back revisited and revised.

The evolution of "long bob"Is undoubtedly the"collarbone"That is the cut a little longer on the front (clavicle height, hence the name collarbone) and shorter on the back, with an effect "to climb"Much more sensual.

Kendall Jenner is Victoria Beckham are the pioneers of this style ad Hollywood but the best representative of the look collarbone it is undoubtedly the British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (actor's wife Jason Statham).

Her light hair, embellished with gradual lightening gives it a look sexy and wild but at the same time tidy, highlighting the features of his face which are not really very sweet, they give her a harmonic line.


And what do you think of this new look?

You will ask yours trusted hairdresser a bolder cut?


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