"Man Half Bun" - The art of the male Bun


We have already talked about theHalf Bun in its female variant (link1 & link2), that is a "half donut" hairstyle that is the most suitable solution to have a look fast but at the same time transmit aimage of order is cleaning.

Now it's time to focus our attention on his male version, in fact if the fashion of the barbering continues (even if with one verve lower), each barber shop respectable, he is specializing in masculine hairstyle.


Whether they love each other or not men with i long hair, on the subject of hairstyle trends the trends are almost the same, both for men and women and even men have succumbed to the trend of the chignon. Taken low or higher, it allows you to discover the face and to have a look fast and orderly in less than a minute.

Sportsmen like Zlatan Ibrahimovic they were the first to have brought this hairstyle back into fashion, a little nineteenth-century but easy to make and retouch with a simple gesture.


But like any self-respecting fashion are the Hollywood stars to make it known to the general public. Jared Leto for example, he did not hesitate to show off his "half bun" on the Red Carpet from Oscar, showing that it can be combined with any theme or style. After all do this hairstyle (in its masculine variant) it is very easy. That's enough to comb is collect hair backwards then use a elastic to tie them up. Small tip: use a transparent elastic or the same color as your hair doing the effect chignon is insured.


And what do you think? Can to spend less than 1 minute of your time for a fashionable look?

See you at the next blog article!


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