Polina Malinovskaya - The sexy Belarusian half Italian model


Polina Malinovskaya is a young Belarusian model of Italian origin (her father is from Milan) who is literally depopulated on the web. Your account Instragram (link) has practically reached 500,000 fans and among the agencies of fashion his name is increasingly in demand.

His charm it is certainly due to its natural qualities, Polina in fact she is beautiful with green eyes and ash blond hair but hers popularity it is also thanks to its presence on social media. In fact it is famous on web to often publish the backstage shots of his fashion campaigns but above all to be very active in the Instagram Stories with which he converses daily with his fans.

Moved to Italy at 16, to complete her management path with the agency Next Modeling (link), Polina immediately attracted attention of insiders especially as a model of lingerie, after all its beauty leaves everyone breathless.

Despite his shots, they are all very osè, there is talk of Polina especially for her social life where she publishes tens of IG Stories per day interacting with his audience continuously and increasing his fans day after day.

His profile on Depop (link), an e-commerce company specializing in the sale of second-hand clothes, is very popular, which is pushing the young woman Polina Malinovskaya to sign, with his name, one clothing line. We talk about OVS, H & M but most of all GUESS, brand with which it has already collaborated in the past, which is strongly interested in the numbers that its personal line could generate.

And what do you think? You would become his followers on Instagram?


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