Tanya Mityushina - The Russian of the mountains!


Tatiana "Tanya" Mityushina, class February 1993, is one Russian model born in Perm near the Ural Mountains. Her beauty it's perfect mix between Siberian elegance (with magnetic ice eyes) and sweet pan-Asian features (cheekbones and cheeks), a sure future testimonial of Victoria's Secret. By Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


In 2010 (just adult) she appeared on cover of the Magazine: "Female Singapore"Collecting immediately great success and turning the November 2010 edition of the magazine into a "best buy”Of the sector. Her popularity however it is due to his breathtaking physique which allowed her to close contracts with the larger ones lingerie companies in the world.

In fact in Italy it is known mainly for being the protagonist from the 2012 collection of the brand Intimissimi with two spots: "Gardens of Sicily(Link) & "Once in Rome " (Link), making his face and body the object of desire of many men and envy of all women.

Tanya Mityushina for Intimissimi Ad campaign (Spring 2012) photo shoot by Raphael Mazzucco

With a celebrity endorsement so the theme of his shootings can only be the seduction, mood exalted by the effect I see I do not see and from captivating transparencies that the beauty Tanya she used to show off. His being the "new face" of Intimissimi surely he will not have made his colleague and compatriot mad with joy Irina Shayk, which by now has been an ambassador of the underwear brand for many years.

At home they already call it the new one Irina, considering that the top model after leaving with Cristinao Ronaldo he seems to be suspiciously already waiting for the new comrade, the actor Bradley Cooper.


In 2016 it was one of the Models who posed for the annual edition of the famous beer calendar Cristal and always in the same year he avoided by a whisker very serious accident during the famous car race of Indianapolis, in fact together with the colleague Kara Del Toro (link) were special guests of the "paddok pilots"When a car, hastily entered the pits, has almost lost control and broke the protection wall of the "closed park" reserved for guests.

Tanya Mityushina - Cristal Beer

For a girl born and raised until the early adolescence in the Ural mountains it will not have been easy to adapt to hectic city life, however one beauty like his (it is blonde, 174 cm tall, measures 88-61-88, green-blue eyes) does not go unnoticed. For this reason it is currently represented by the "LA Management"And like all the models of the famous fashion agency, she showed for Victoria's Secret and posed for the edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Tanya Mityushina Swimsuit Sports Illustrated

Your account Instagram (link) is growing day by day and we are sure that soon it will become an "Angel" Officer of Victoria's Secret, moreover with a physical how does his seem difficult not to be a testimonial of the author's underwear?


And what do you think? Greetings from your Ines (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


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