Vita Reale Vs Social Network


It's not all Social what glitters ... by Ines Petrelli (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).


Today I am here to talk to you again about Social Network. The new generations are defined as those to which the brain washing because of "obsession”Linked to the world of web.

Oramai la network it is full of advice to get more I like it, take poses from model in the photos or take the "perfect selfie". All this leads to a decrease in self-esteem in people, forced to desperately seek to be considered a model to follow in order to feel good and be accepted.


This is not LIFE, this world is not REAL.


Behind many photo there are hours of makeup, parrucco and hundreds of shots, to then post the best photo on Social. Un esempio da malessere da web?

E’ notizia di poche settimane fa la storia di Essena O'Neill (19 year old Australian model) which caused quite a stir as he decided to detox from virtual world closing all his Social account, eliminating almost all of his photos from Instagram (making it private and adding, to the remaining photos, captions to help teenagers get out of this world) and publishing a video in which it appears in tears on YouTube (link) and in which he admits that his whole life has been, until that moment, coldly programmed by unscrupulous managers.

Essena O'Neill

His clothes were never casual but worn exclusively for "advertising purposes".


One ploy che le ha permesso da quando aveva 15 anni (ora ne ha 19) di ricevere da decine di aziende gadget vari e rimborsi (chiamiamoli così) economici per il disturbo.

Tuttavia la sua vita era diventata obsessed give her views of the photos, come on like and the number of his followers, in short, he wanted thepublic approval on Social to prove to herself that what she was leading at the end was the realization of every teenager's dream.




This lifestyle tuttavia (secondo la sua video confessione) non le ha fatto vivere la vita che voleva e soprattutto non le ha permesso di coltivare un rapporto umano e sociale sincero con le persone.

The bad languages but they say that all these utterances have done nothing but increase his visibility to the general public, sparking a search on Google unprecedented and recording the largest number of searches on the search engine in a week.

I personally support the use of Social Network (I would be inconsistent with my position otherwise Fashion Blogger for Mimì Colonna), since it is undeniable that the web has enriched the knowledge of us all, in any case a correct and never excessive use is highly recommended in order not to become depressive maniacs.

And what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Greetings from your Ines (Facebook - Instagram - Blog).




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