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Today we will talk about the "SPA Kendro"A haven of relaxation and well-being located in Triggiano (only 10 minutes from Bari) where to download anxiety and stress through the pampering of the (highly qualified) staff of health centre.


You will read a double experience, because the exclusive Official Fashion Blogger of Mimì Colonna (Ines and Graziana) were invited to test the new ones first-hand presents exclusive of thehairstylist most famous of Bari (according to Google reviews).

The health centre includes two areas. The first is theHammam where there is one large pool with area hydromassage, sauna, Turkish bath, relaxation space is emotional shower (for chromotherapy). The second zone is formed by the smassages, where expert hands will make you download all the anxiety and stress of our hectic life.



Here are their experiences!


Graziana: I loved this SPA from the first moment I saw it. Area Hammam looked like a little paradise with lots of waterfalls is drawn clouds on the windows, a train of bright stars and the sweet sound of slowly flowing water, i intense aromas and the fantastic wellness program they gave me back to the world.


doccia emozionale

I felt like I was really dreaming when one appeared in front of me bottle of prosecco and a fresh fruit set who perfectly completed that magical moment of Relax. And to end the day of cuddles, we granted ourselves a massage based on essential oils that slipped on the forehead according to particular holistic practices and the regeneration total of my body was able to occur at that very moment.


The expert hands of the masseuse did not simply touch the body but infused apositive and deep energy. Unlike others, in this center a series of massages are practiced regardless of the classical conception of Relax, but designed for the psycho-physical wellbeing, therapeutic not only for stress and joints, but also for a series of diseases such as digestive, hormonal and mental ones.

In short, taking care of yourself and regenerating yourself has never been so pleasant!


Ines: me and my colleague Graziana have decided to relax by accepting the invitation from Mimì Colonna to spend a morning at health centre Kendro. When we arrived we were honored with the courtesy kit, ie all the necessary equipment for our stay there, towels, bath foam, essential oils, etc.

Immediately afterwards, a center operator advised us as best as possible on how to organize ours termal pathand so we went from the regenerating cold of the ice cave to the hot vapors of the detoxifying sauna, finally allowing ourselves a total purge from the waste through the Turkish bath.


To all this Relax for mind and body followed a series of emotional showers, with a play of light that warmed up and made the atmosphere intimate. In the middle of the path we lay down on armchairs in the relax area and they offered us a hot one invigorating herbal tea. Continuing we immersed ourselves in the hot tub and then move on to the pool with artificial waterfalls.

Relax Kendro

My mind so light could reach a further state of Relax when the staff of the structure Kendro brought us one sperlunga of seasonal fruit and a bottle of prosecco that we enjoyed between chatter and laughter.



Finally we moved on to massage, which lasted 30 minutes. Mine was a "anti-stress massage"Which consists in leading to relaxation and recovery of physical and mental well-being. The most important purpose of massage is to give awareness. In the massage the person becomes aware of his own tensions, his own limits and his potential to improve his state of health.

The session takes place in an environment free from negative conditioning and disturbing factors. Indeed just finished the massage I think I have reached a psychophysical wellbeing thanks above all to the abilities of the center managers to whom I entrusted myself. If I could, I would seize the opportunity to redo this experience, because I finally managed to give my body the gift of Welfare that needs.

kendro spa relax

And what do you think? Do you want to relax? Greetings from your favorite Fashion Bloggers!


ATTENZIONE il Parrucchiere Mimì Colonna non è associato in nessun modo al centro Kendro, per informazioni o prenotazioni del centro benessere contattare direttamente il “Kendro Sport Village” chiamando al:




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