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Francesco Lorenzani he is a very young man photographer of Bari. Which (like all teenagers) cultivates a dream which is to emerge as an artist in the panorama fashion citizen. He approached photography as a self-taught at the age of 15 (he was born in 1997) and in 2011 he enrolled at the Professional Institute of Photography "E. Majorana ”in Bari graduating in honors.

Photographing it's his passion, dedicates most of its time to take shots, seizing the moment to tell moments and situations. His target it's turning his passion in the profession, for this it undertakes hard to enrich its wealth of knowledge.

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It turns out to be very versatile, attentive and accurate. He deals in particular with cinematographic photography and as a stage photographer he participated both in the production of the feature film "Art is not something rich”That to the realization of the music video clip of the band "Radicanto"For the song"Overseas”.

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Currently, it follows in the guise of official photographer the pianist Claudio Stea and in the same garments he is participating in the production of the fiction "On the notes of life". His latest collaboration with the Nerd Brain Production of Bari has allowed him to appear in the world of fashion working closely with Mimì Colonna, participating in and curating various events such as the "Glomorous Fashion Weekend“, “The Perfect Being Music Contest" and the "Wellness & Relax at the Kendro Spa“.


Here's what Francesco thinks about photography:


"In my opinion photography is not just about technique or tricks or secrets of the trade: photography is something much more complex, it is the result of everything you are, your culture, your sensitivity, your character, of your life experiences and these are unique and not "untraceable ..."


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