Manicure what a passion! All the fashions of the moment


Here we are talking about Tendenzand, but this time instead of dealing with outfits fashionable or hairstyles for events you gala we will focus on a trends that is already depopulating overseas, "nails & manicure“.

Ebbene si, anche se eccentrica come fashion, all the stars are more and more attentive to this real accessory to show off, and who could set the trend if not the most sought after top model of the moment? Exact… Gigi Hadid (link). By Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).

The American model did sensation attracting attention during the last "Met Gala" from New York (link) when together with boyfriend use, Zayn Malik, presented itself on red carpet, with a look so futuristic that it even envies the authors of "Blade Runner". However this year of fashions extraordinary there will be many, here's a little guide to enlighten you.

Start from the most absurd and unlikely to show off: the "furry". This is a real one fur for nails, has two main variants. The first provides a real addition of "synthetic fur"On the cuticles, the second can be compared to a"fitted carpet”For nails.


Another torment is the "metallic". I admit I have a weakness for that too mood very trendy! The idea of having mirrored claws makes me literally go crazy, needless to say that this fashion was launched by Lady Gaga, an icon of style second perhaps only to the big one Madonna.

Do you think it's over here? Well no ... the must of the must is "the opaque". Suitable for most chic is minimal and the favorite from the "Top Blogger / Influencers". With the opaque, my dear, you are never wrong, especially with one basic shade like powder or black, perhaps with french gold.

At this point you will think that one fashion to really be of trend must necessarily create scandal or being extravagant at the limit of “kitsch"(Intended as bad taste). And instead ... To round off this article I would like to talk to you about #Rouge, the timeless "red"The favorite color of us women, especially in its nuance Chanel as shown by the fashion blogger n1 in Italy, Chiara Ferragni (link).


And what do you think? That's it best nail look favorite?

Let us know and in the next article by your Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).


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