All the secrets of a fashion show in the new Netflix series


There new frontier entertainment is the reproduction of content online. All the biggest giants of the "On Demand"Are organizing to offer exclusive services such as "TV shows"Or programs with"format"Totally innovative.

The choice of large groups like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or Netflix (link) is to have total control of the distribution rights and to be able to guarantee a exclusive programming that can curb competition. From this point of view the move of Netflix who decided to propose a "TV series”Dedicated to the world of fashion and specifically to backstage secrets.

"7 Days Out." (the name chosen to tell the backstage details) will come up Netflix December 21, 2018, just in time for the Christmas holidays. There choice it is not at all accidental, we try in this way to attract the majority of people who, either because you want boredom or want to avoid confusion, prefer to spend the holidays in total Relax on the couch at home.

There first episode will focus on the maison Chanel, offering an introspective and very close look at the daily work carried out by the creative director Karl Lagerfeld (link).

A series that, in public expectations, will try to to strip the glittering world of fashion, with an emphasis on the endless work that takes place behind the scenes and in the days / months preceding the runway show.

A focus on the work done in the backstage that focuses on the choice of garments to wear, in the study of trends, in the endless hours of stress that the workers have to bear to make sure that the 15 minutes of fashion show be perfect.


In short, what about, appointment up Netflix December 21st!


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