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In today's article we will talk about more and more addiction of our company since web and in particular from "social network“, Become a habit so constant as to represent a real parallel life. By Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).

You will surely remember Gossip Girl (or at least you've heard of it). Well the great show, it was focused on "paparazzi”(Not very delicate) towards New Yorkers that came authentically stalkerati with consequent spiattellamento of all intimate or compromising attitudes on the platform web homonymous (from which the entire series takes its name).

Today this incredible novelistic plot is, alas, become a reality disconcerting, with the difference that at the center of attention there are not only the "dad's children"Or people of the"jet set"But also ordinary people and the platform in question has a different name: FACEBOOK!

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 20: Singer Cheryl Cole attend the "Amour" Premiere during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 20, 2012 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

In relation to this phenomenon also the figure of the photographer or paparazzo (in that case) it has changed. Today we are all the fate of paparazzi with smartphone ready for any eventuality. Whether you meet Angelina Jolie in the restaurant or are celebrating 104 years of grandmother Alberta, Facebook he must know it and we must document it!

We have all become gods vip, all always and perpetually at Center of the attention almost as if the first thought was just that. A beautiful sunset ... ("I have to post it"), a delicious dinner ... ("I have to post it"), the last purchase from Zara ... ("I have to post it").

two young women taking selfie with mobile phone

The severity of a attitude so compulsive lies in transforming one's everyday life into a competition for those with the most fashionable lifestyle, one obsession that overwhelms us without realizing it. None of us leaves home without a smartphone, having a battery below 10% is an Oscar movie tragedy. You live with the need to share (with people we often don't even know) important moments of our life, even rather intimate.

The world now turns backwards, we are distracted, we have lost the sense of values, now our whole life is reduced to one blue double check of Whatsapp or the last LIKE received on social networks.

But why did we transform from "Homo Sapiens"In"Homo Deficentis"? The answer is simple: "we want to feel that everyone is the center of attention", whatever it takes.


doppia spunta blu

And what do you think? Are you so dependent on the web?

Let me know and Greetings from your Graziana Santoro (Facebook - Instagram - Blog - WebSite).


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